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Welcome to Gustafson Photo Safari. We lead dedicated photo tours to East Africa, South America, North America and other nature photography locations around the world. Our no-compromise safaris are designed to get you to the best locations to make great images.

Here you can find out more about how we work, view our upcoming tour itinerary, read about previous tours and see some of the fabulous photographs taken on our safaris.

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“Todd, I’m not kidding you when I say that you are the greatest wildlife photographer alive today!”

Joe McDonald, Pennsylvania

As many of you know, Todd Gustafson is an extremely talented photographer and a dear friend. As I looked back at Todd’s images I said to myself, “Was I on that trip? How can one person be so talented? Is Todd not the best safari photographer alive today?”

Art Morris, Florida

I do wish you the best on this trip and all the others that you lead. I am impressed with your photos on these programs. I know with your knowledge of the places a lot is possible. Your work is proof of that. Your images are exceptional and the video is a very good marketing tool. All my Best,

George D. Lepp

Every time I pick up my Nikon camera, I think of Todd and how he constantly reminds me to “have fun” whilst making images. Todd wasn’t aware of how badly I needed to have a little fun, but just saying that to me in several e-mails really did make a difference. I describe Todd as a “scholar and a gentleman”, high praise indeed where I come from.

Steve Kavanagh, United Kingdom

I decided to join Todd on a photo safari to Tanzania in Jan/Feb. Being from South Africa, and having spent countless days on safari in most of the game reserves of Southern Africa, I was looking to a different experience in East Africa. This turned out to be a mind-blowing experience and also a great opportunity to hone my photographic skills with the “master”. Todd Gustafson was organizing the trip. Todd had lived in Tanzania as a young boy and therefore understood the cultural and ethnic peculiarities of Africa, not to say anything about his knowledge of the behavioral characteristics of East African wildlife. The vehicle is well set up for photography with only three photographers per vehicle shooting from an open hatch in the roof. Todd’s safari pod worked well and provided a firm platform for the Wimberley heads and 500 and 600 lenses. The key part of the trip was Todd’s ability to place the vehicle in EXACTLY the right position for great images. If anyone is thinking of undertaking the trip next year, I can highly recommend this one. Todd is a delightful and entertaining character in addition to being world class photographers. Our images speak for themselves.

John Bryant, South Africa

I want to express our thanks to you for a
fantastic trip. The lodgings were exceptional, the vehicles
(especially with the Todd-Pod) were really great, and the areas of
Kenya you selected were outstanding. Your loving nature and super
disposition make a wonderful trip top-notch!

Jim Heupell, Texas

We appreciated your approach to the group. We have traveled on these types of trips before in which we were the only women and this was by far the best experience for us. It was really enjoyable for us to get to know you and your passions. Sharing that with us for 10 days was really exciting, rewarding, and enjoyable for us. Todd, your enthusiasm for photography and life in general is very refreshing and makes you a great tour leader. Your photography is unbelievable. As far as I am concerned you are achieving the levels of John Shaw and many of the other great wildlife photographers. There are many that I know you have learned from that you have already surpassed.

Sandy Coreless, New Mexico

I also have to tell you that I thought the trip was absolutely spectacular, and that I had a fantastic time. We all learned so much and had a blast doing it! My husband was amazed at the pictures, and is already planning to take some of them to work to hang on the wall. You do a phenomenal job of teaching, as well as being very approachable and setting a great tone for the participants.

Kathy Williams, Montana

I researched and referenced several great safari outfitters with excellent credentials but the one common opinion I received was” you really need to go with Todd Gustafson he grew up in Tanzania and besides being a supreme African wildlife photographer he knows the people, the animals behavior and will go out of his way to meet your own idea of a great safari experience.” We went to Kenya September 2007 with a great group of fellow photographers and although my expectation where very high the experience was much more than the great time I knew it would be. From the set up of the Vehicles and photo savvy guides / drivers to the accommodations it was obvious Todd had been there many times. If you are looking for a serious and most excellent African photographic experience I can’t more highly recommend Todd Gustafson.

Grady C. Hogue, Jr. MD Virginia



The Photographer’s Guide to the Safari Experience

I am very pleased with it.The book is a true Bible for anyone going on safari for the first time or a reminder for a returning safari person. The picture images certainly bring back many memories of the whole safari experience. Many thanks for your time and patience in getting the book to me again. Regards,

Ian Whiston United Kingdom

I first came across Todd’s website early in 2010 and I bought one of his legendary Todd-Pods shortly thereafter, which has dramatically improved my photography in East Africa. I am also the proud owner of an autographed copy of Todd’s excellent book, which I recommend to every person I help to plan and book a photographic safari to Africa. Up-to-date and relevant information on the practical considerations of photographing in Africa is hard to come by, thankfully Todd’s book is all anyone needs! Cheers,

Steve Kavanagh London


Todd-Pod safari vehicle camera mount

Todd, I just wanted to send you an e-mail to let you know how well my Todd-Pod worked on safari. I just returned from three weeks in Kenya and Tanzania and had great results with my Canon 500mm lens , Wimberley Head and the Todd Pod.

Teresa Mabry Reed

Todd….Your Todd-Pod just ROCKS…..it’s the only way to go in Africa with
a long lens….Happy holidays buddy—-

Steve Freno, Atlanta

Namibia Day 17 Etosha

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Another amazing sunrise, this time with wildebeest and zebras in the scene.  We took a last drive around our lodge area before we packed the vehicle and started the drive to Windhouk.  Etosha had been a huge success for us.  The sheer numbers of animals, the quality of photographable sightings, and the behaviors we were able to photograph every day make this a destination for future safaris!!

Every lodge we stayed in was great, with hot water, good food, beautiful spacious air-conditioned rooms with comfortable beds, and 24 hour electricity.  Our guides are now our friends and will be a part of my life forever and we thank them for their hard work, expertise, experience and always having our best interests, comfort and safety in mind.

I hope you enjoyed the blog and will look for the full photo gallery and HD video at gustafsonphotosafari.net

Next year we are doing a streamlined version ofNamibiacoupled with a week inBotswana’s Okavango Delta!

I’ll leave you with a few random photos that I like.

Namibia Day 16 Etosha

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Giraffes in the sunrise were another nice start to the day!  Having shot plenty of elephants, rhino, kudu, springbok and zebras we took today to look for smaller subjects and as a result got great photos of kori bustard, black koorhan, hornbills and bee eaters.  At lunch we took time to search out southern ground squirrels that had a burrow near the campsite area.  The best view was from eye level so I lay right down on the ground about 15 feet from the den.  The angle of view was fantastic, the backgrounds spectacular and the ground squirrels absolutely adorable!  The problem with the situation was the thousands of tiny sticker plants that surrounded the den and now coated my pants, shirt, elbows, foreams, hands……At least they were hard to find, uncommon (there were only 2) and very cute!

For our afternoon game drive Dirk did a hard break/quick stop and said “Oh, my God!  Ground squirrels!”  There were 30 of the little devils right outside our windows and we could shoot them as long as we wanted.  So much for uncommon and hard to find.  They were still cute, though.

Namibia Day 15 Etosha

Add comment June 28th, 2012 02:46pm todd

Lions were roaring all night but our attempts to find them came up empty.  The two watering holes we visited were also empty so we hunted our way back to camp hoping there would be more action at the Okaukuejo watering hole.  On the way we had lots of chances at goshawk, kori bustard, springbok portraits, Oryx, jackals and best of all, 2 giraffes on the savannah with the giant red sunrise behind them.

When we reached camp we found where all the animals were.  There were 100s of springbok, black faced impala, Oryx, a family of 7 greater kudu (we’ve now seen 28) fighting black headed herons and thousands of zebra!  I’ve never seen so many animals in one place at the same time.  I ran out of cards for my camera as well as battery for the D4.  I had to make the long 10 step trek to my room to download and recharge.

After dinner we hung out at the watering hole and watched 3 rhinos come to drink.  The reflections of mother and baby drinking in the black water gave another good chance to shoot the D4 at high ISO; 128,000!

Namibia Day 14 Etosha

Add comment June 27th, 2012 02:41pm todd

It’s our last morning in the Namutoni area so we went to our favorite watering hole for a goodbye photo shoot.  Zebras drinking, playing and yawning were highlighted by two bucking colts.  When they were done we thought it was time to hit the road for our next lodge at Okaukuejo.  A herd of 100 wildebeest had different plans for us!  They came down to drink with young ones bouncing and chasing each other.  Next came a herd of eland!  By the time it was over there were groups of zebra, eland, wildebeest, impala, and even a greater kudu all at the water’s edge.  Something spooked them and they all exploded from the oasis in a sight not to be forgotten!

On the way to Okaukuejo we went into the Central Pan, a 5000 sq kl salt flat that is the remains of an extinct Paleolithic lake.  I’ve never seen such a vast expanse of nothingness (perfect for fisheye shots).

We aren’t going for an afternoon game drive because our bungalows at Okaukuejo overlook a fantastic watering hole that is stuffed with wildlife!

The evening featured a visit to the watering hole by a mother and young black rhino (numbers 5 and 6 for the trip)  It was another good chance to use the high ISO capabilities of the D4 camera.  Shooting in the dim glow of spotlight the rhino photos are amazingly crisp.

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