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Welcome to Gustafson Photo Safari. We lead dedicated photo tours to Tanzania, Rwanda, Madagascar, India, Brazil, Costa Rica, Namibia, and beyond… Our no-compromise safaris are designed to get you to The Ends of the Earth to capture The Decisive Moment!

Driver Guides

In every Gustafson Photo Safari destination we partner with the best, most talented guides. Their training, experience, expertise, and attention to detail get you to the best photo opportunities in the best light time after time.


We stay in the best lodges that are close to the action. Your comfort lets you be fresher for photography. Getting out early at great locations gets you to the animals and birds for the best light and at the peak of activity.


We have designed Land Cruisers with big lens photography in mind. No more than three photographers per vehicle allow you the freedom to use your photo gear to your best advantage.


Gustafson Photo Safari photo destinations are carefully chosen to include iconic natural history subjects and supporting species and subjects that build an exciting and well-rounded portfolio. Tanzania’s Great Migration Birthing Season has more than a million wildebeest giving birth so food is plentiful for all the predators. Birds, large and small mammals, as well as stunning scenery complete the story. River Crossings Season has the same subjects but with a color pallet of gold. The action is all around the river! Brazil has jaguars! We see an average of ten individual cats as well as giant otters, Brazilian tapirs, giant anteaters, as well as countless birds. India has tigers, temples and the Taj Mahal. When you add birds, jungle cats, ungulates, and leopards you have a full tapestry of photo subjects. Madagascar is all about lemurs, chameleons, baobabs, and endemic plant life. Rwanda brings us face to face with one of the rarest animals on Earth: the mountain gorilla. Costa Rica is a long lens and macro shooter’s paradise. Toucans, sloths, colorful reptiles and amphibians share the photographic canvas with hummingbirds and the Resplendent quetzal. View our current tour schedule or download a full destination guide (pdf).


“Todd, I’m not kidding you when I say that you are the greatest wildlife photographer alive today!” Joe McDonald, Pennsylvania

"As many of you know, Todd Gustafson is an extremely talented photographer and a dear friend. As I looked back at Todd’s images I said to myself, 'Was I on that trip? How can one person be so talented? Is Todd not the best safari photographer alive today?' " Art Morris, Florida

"I do wish you the best on this trip and all the others that you lead. I am impressed with your photos on these programs. I know with your knowledge of the places a lot is possible. Your work is proof of that. Your images are exceptional and the video is a very good marketing tool. All my Best," George D. Lepp